Helping Hand Litter Picker 50"

Helping Hand Litter Picker 50

Ref: LTPK50

Helping Hand Litter Picker 50"
Litterpicker Pro
The number one litter clearance hand tool. With over 10 million users worldwide.

The Helping Hand Litterpicker Pro has evolved over the years to become what it is today - effective pick-up, easy to use whatever the weather or environment, and cost effective for any budget.

• The length is designed with the optimum distance in mind for an adult to pick up litter off the floor, preventing any over-stretching or bending

• It has a comfortable handle to support the user no matter how long they are litterpicking for

• Bright reflective features ensure the user is seen as much as possible and highlight the litter being picked up, which is particularly beneficial in poor light

Price: 25.52 (30.62 Including VAT at 20%)